What can I sell in Linio Marketplace?

You can sell almost anything on Linio. Our primary categories include Electronics, Home Goods, Fashion, Health & Beauty, and Kids & Babies. We have thousands of subcategories, and an extremely diverse client base. All products must be legal, original, new, and able to pass customs in their destination country. Please check the complete list of product restrictions here.

What if I don’t speak Spanish?

No knowledge of Spanish is needed to sell in Latin America on Linio Marketplace. Our ecommerce platform is completely in English, and our staff speaks English and Chinese as well. Your product descriptions can be in English or Spanish, and we offer content creation and translation services. Our local teams will handle all marketing, customer communication, and customer service. We also offer paid advertising campaigns for sellers who want to boost their sales.

In which countries can I sell my products?

Currently, International merchants can sell in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

How do payments work?

Sellers are paid in US dollars bi-weekly through Payoneer or via wire transfer. Payoneer is a cross border payment provider that allows you to receive payments faster, in local currency and at lower fees all over the world. Payoneer is our recommended payments solutions for international sellers.

How do I manage pricing and stock?

You will have access to your own online platform called Seller Center, where you can add products, change prices, and update inventory. Seller Center is in English and easy to use. We have lots of tutorial videos to get you started, and an Account Manager will always be available to help if needed.

How do I ship my products to Latin America?

Linio recommends that each seller offer a Postal and Express shipping option for all products. As a Linio seller, you may also have access to a diverse range of preferential shipping rates from the best carriers in the industry. We have a dedicated local staff of ecommerce logistics professionals to help you find the best way to sell and ship your products in Latin America.

Does my company have to be Legally Constituted in all the countries where Linio have presence?

No, in order to be considered an International Seller your company must be legally constituted in any country besides the one you are selling in with Linio. As Linio´s International Marketplace is based in a crossborder operation, the constitution of your company, your bank account and your warehouse have to be in a different country from the ones you are going to sell your products. And yes, it is mandatory that your company is legally created since Linio is a B2C Marketplace.

How can I start selling in Linio?

First of all you have to fill the information exposed in the Sign-up Form, accept our Terms & Conditions (Link) and make sure that none of your products are restricted (link) and can be sold within our region. Once we receive your application, you will be contacted by one of our International Inbound analysts. Next, you will start the Onboarding process, where we will guide and train your team to manage our sellers platform, Seller Center. Finally, once the products are listed and you Payoneer information is properly linked to your account, you will be ready to start selling! Remember that this process can be as quick as you want.

Who sets the final price of the products?

You are responsible for calculating and setting up the prices. Seller Center allows you to manage and update the prices of your products whenever you want, manually in a massive way, via API integration or a Plugin. Moreover, you will be provided by a tool where you can learn on how to calculate them accurately considering Taxes & Duties per country, shipping, and other fees.

Where can I find help / more information?

At Linio, your success is our goal. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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